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FLOKAL Rotational Mold-Metal Industry and Trade Inc. is a producer of molds for rotational molding. 

FLOKAL Rotational Mold-Metal Industry and Trade Inc. is a producer of molds for rotational molding. Flokal produces CNC machined molds as well as cast molds for Rotational Molding.

Flokal makes its own part and mold design. With part design Flokal can help its customers to find the right balance between a part that is easy to produce and a part that will meet the requirements of the final customer. Flokal has two engineers and one technical designer who work full time on mold and part design. All designs are made with the latest version of Catia or NX of Siemens. Flokal also has its own workshop to construct the mold models. In this model workshop composite models are produced for aluminum casting purposes. Depending on the geometry and the requirements of the end product and the customer, the models can be constructed manually, or with the CNC machines. It is also possible to produce the model of a part for the customer so that they can see in real life what the final part would look like.

Rotational molding technology produces parts for many different markets, from simple water tanks to furniture. Flokal has the experience to produce molds for all these markets. Flokal has produced molds for technical parts such as automotive fuel tanks, fuel tanks for unmanned airplanes, underground manholes, water tanks, even visual parts such as furniture etc. All these parts have different customers and require a different expertise, which Flokal possesses. Flokal nowadays can produce sheet metal molds, cast aluminum molds, also CNC finished block aluminum molds, according to the geometry, shape and the size of the plastic parts to be manufactured. With two CNC machines Flokal can produce CNC machined molds or cast molds for the Rotational Molding technology.

Flokal is also a licensee of the company Maus in Germany, to permanently coat the molds with Epoxy resin or Teflon. This coating needs sand blasting chambers, to give the final part a different appearance according to the wishes of the customer, an airtight coating chamber and an electrically heated Teflon curing oven up to 450 degrees C, which has been a major investment for the company. With this investment, Flokal now can have molds producing parts with different gloss values, according to the needs of the customers.

Flokal nowadays has vast experience on automotive molds, producing molds for Mercedes, Ford, CNH, DAF, Suzuki, Hyundai etc.  


Cast aluminium moulds


CNC - machined aluminium moulds


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